Grab a Deal!   

Grab a Deal!  

Save money

Finding a holiday deal can be a frustrating business. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s easy to spend too long looking in the wrong places, and you simply give up, booking something more obvious and expensive instead.

Finding a cheap holiday isn’t an impossibility, it simply takes patience and flexibility, and if you know where to look, all the better.

It’s not all about the actual flight, accommodation, and transfer either, as adding extras onto your booking will lower the overall cost further. For instance, if you find a cheap deal from an airport further away, look at staying the night in hotel, perhaps booking through, and you might find you still get a cheaper price than if you booked more regionally. Hotels open up the country’s airports, giving you ease of travel to the cheapest prices. I regularly stay at the hotels at Manchester Airport, and it’s certainly an extra I continue to book onto my travel plans.

This is just one idea to spread your wings a little and find cheaper deals, but the overall process isn’t has hard as you might think.


We mentioned this before, and it is probably the one single requirement of grabbing a bargain. If you’re too rigid in your needs, you’re not going to find what you’re looking for. For instance, weekends are almost always more expensive than weekdays in terms of flights, so look mid-week instead. Certain airports are generally cheaper too, so consider travelling from somewhere else, and use the hotel idea we were discussing earlier. Being as flexible as a piece of elastic will yield much better search results.

Time of year

School holidays are more expensive, this is just an unfortunate fact of life. If you’re looking to travel in July and August, you will have to be prepared to pay more. If you’re a little flexible here too however, you can still find a school holiday time bargain. October is a great time to travel, with slightly milder temperatures and deals to be found. I’ve travelled mid-October several times and whilst the weather can be a little more changeable, I’ve never had a total wash out.

Watch and wait

If you’re booking your flight separately, don’t just jump at the first price you see, unless it’s ridiculously low, that is. Find the flight you’re thinking of booking and watch it for a while – don’t check the price several times a day, just once a day or once every few days is sufficient, because this will be transferred as interest and drive up the price. Once you don’t think you’re going to get a better price, book. This is a risk obviously, because equally it could go up or down, but flight prices fluctuate and if the wind is in your favour, you could save money.

DIY bookings

I always book my breaks in a DIY fashion, that is booking my flight, accommodation, and transfer separately, without going down the package holiday route. This isn’t a difficult option, as there are websites such as Travel Republic who will put together your own bespoke holiday, utilising deals on all three parts of your break. DIY bookings mean that you can save money by using bargains on all parts of your holiday, not just paying one set price.

Finding a deal does take time, but once you find it, time will not matter!

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