How and Where Will You Travel This Year

This fun infographic gives you a very good insight into the average travelling patterns of Brits in 2015. Living in a country where the sun only appears one month during the course of the year, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they crave to go anywhere that has a beach and sun. A trip to Spain does not sound too bad when you think about it, with a Barcelona apartment so affordable, it’s understandable why 44% of Brit travellers tend to book their holiday on impulse. But not all Brits want to spend their summer just working on their tan, some like to experience the cultural diversity and architectural scenery as these are things quite popular with 18% of British travellers travel tendencies. So for the countries highlighted by Telegraph travel team, be prepared for a Brit wave.

WayToStay -  How and Where Will You Travel This Year - FINAL


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