How to Travel on a Budget


Travelling on a budget may seem impossible, but with these five tips, you’ll be able to take that trip you’ve always wanted for much, much less. You can apply these tips to international or local travel, and you’ll even be able to travel more regularly with all the money you’ll save! Want to save even more of your trip? Buy luggage, tickets and travel equipment on Gumtree and go explode the world!

  1. Plan Ahead

This means research, research, research! Researching your flights, accommodation, activities and expenses before your trip will definitely help you get some great deals and save a ton of money. Once you’ve done all the research, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your travels and then come up with a fantastic plan that includes everything you want to do and visit. Having a solid plan ahead of time is great, but you can’t plan everything so remember to leave yourself some free, unplanned time of your travels to make room for delays, spontaneous fun and whatever else you might come across while travelling. The time of year will definitely impact prices, especially in very popular cities. Make a plan to suit your budget and book early to take advantage of deals and specials.

  1. Choose “Free” Not “Fee”

Every destination should have a wide variety of free activities and sights to enjoy and a lot of the time, these are even better and more authentic than the expensive tourist attractions. Take a walking tour of the city or find out how the locals have fun and join in. Choosing to enjoy free or cheaper tourist attractions will save you tons of money and you’ll still get to experience the real spirit of the destination, as that’s 100% free no matter where you’re travelling to. Many of the expensive tourist attractions even offer discounts of certain days, in certain seasons or when booking in advance, so don’t forget to do your research and ask around town for deals!

  1. Use Public Transport

Public transport is the way to go when travelling. Most countries offer fairly safe public transport and it will save you a fortune on taxis fares. There’s no question that public transport is cheaper than taking taxis, but it may even be safer, especially during the day. Opt for trains, subways and buses and you’ll get to see the city the way the locals do.

  1. Buy a Great Guidebook

The right guidebook will give you so much information about the place you’re visiting, that you won’t need any help from tour guides or scammers looking to make commission. You’ll know where to go, where to eat and find out all the hidden secrets of how the locals live and where all the good spots are in town. You may think guidebooks are outdated and unnecessary, but when you find the perfect one for your needs, it’ll make your whole trip worth it!

  1. Picnic, Picnic, Picnic!

Eating out is too expensive, even at home. Locals markets and supermarkets are full of wonderful local and seasonal produce, just waiting to be scooped up. If you’re staying in a hostel or backpackers, there may even be facilities for you to cook up a storm on your trip. This is another thing to think about when booking your accommodation. If you’re not into cooking, you’ll find tons of great and familiar treats in stores in the city centre, so save money and fill up on your favourites for less.

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