Interesting National Dishes From Around The World!

Interesting National Dishes From Around The World!

Photo Credit: ulterior epicure via photopin cc

Photo Credit: ulterior epicure via photopin cc

If you are a lover of food, then spending a little time to sample the many delicious and interesting national dishes from around the world can be one of the most rewarding food-related things you do. Some countries undoubtedly have more appealing national cuisines when looked at in the round; however, nearly every country on the planet has at least one outstanding national dish to make any food fan drool at the mouth. Here is our selection of the best and most interesting national dishes you ought to try as soon as you get the chance!

Make Sure You’re Insured!

Before diving into a detailed description of these delicious dishes, let’s point one thing out: if you decide to travel abroad to sample any of these foods in their country of origin, then make sure you sign up for single trip travel insurance before you go. Not doing so can end up being very expensive!

Beijing Roast Duck 

As the national dish of a country the size of China, it’s to be expected that Beijing Roast Duck will be mouthwatering. When cooked correctly, the duck tastes like its melting in your mouth. It’s best served with cucumber, soy sauce and thin Chinese-style pancakes that allow these ingredients to be wrapped together with the duck.

Spanish Paella

Spain is renowned for the quality of its food and the signature national dish of Paella is no exception. When made with beautifully fresh seafood and the all-important addition of saffron, this dish can truly lay a claim to being ‘Spain on a plate’. If you go to Spain to try Paella there, then you will find regional variations, with some Spanish regions using different ingredients, such as chicken and clams.

Argentinian Steak

Argentina’s national dish of steak sounds relatively simple compared to some of the more complicated dishes on this list. However, don’t let that diminish the incredible taste of good Argentinian steak even one little bit! Argentina’s beef is world renowned for its high quality and distinctive flavour, which develops due to its cattle being outdoors and able to move about and eat as they would in the wild. Argentinian steak is beautifully marbled and needs very little accompanying it to make it an incredible dish as the flavour speaks for itself.


The national dish of Scotland may not be regarded by every food connoisseur as the absolutest tastiest national dish in the world. It is, however, one of the most interesting. Made from a sheep’s liver, lung and heart and cooked in the animal’s stomach lining, it certainly makes for an interesting experience. The perfect dish to enjoy on Burn’s Night celebrations.


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