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Eastern European countries are certainly having their day in terms of tourism at the moment, and that is for many reasons, not least the fact that travel to these countries is very cheap, thanks to low cost airlines travelling throughout the year, as well as cheap food and drink during your visit.

One country which is becoming increasingly popular is Hungary, and its beautiful and cultural capital, Budapest.

Split into two halves, Buda and Pest, the capital is on the banks of the mighty Danube. This is a city with UNESCO World Heritage status, thanks to its architecture and history, and is a city everyone should explore. Of course, many are choosing to have their stag party in Budapest, because of the vibrant and plentiful nightlife, as well as more plentiful cheap beer.

You will find a total paradox when you visit this stunning city, because not only is there history, architecture, and culture in abundance, but you will also find a youthful and fun atmosphere around the city too, with that nightlife we just mentioned, and plentiful High Street shopping to enjoy.

Of course, history should come first, and you will find natural thermal baths to experience, as well as far too many museums and galleries to mention; this will be a case of picking what interests you and targeting your visit.

The Hungarian National Parliament building is certainly one to check out, and is hugely impressive, sat on the banks of the river. On top of this, the Royal Palace is one of the most popular attractions, and is split into several sections, including the Lions’ Courtyard, Savoyai Terrace, and Hunyadi Garden. The great thing about this particular attraction is the fact it is free!

Getting around Budapest is easy, but it is also a very walkable city. The Central Market Hall should be on your visit list, and it is here you can try some traditional foods whilst you’re shopping for souvenirs to take home. Check out porkolt, which is a delicious and hearty stew dish, or if you have a sweet tooth, try somloi galuska, which is a doughy biscuit with cream and chocolate – delicious!

A walking tour is perhaps the best way to see the highlights of Budapest, and again these are often free. Alternatively, you could hire a bicycle and cycle your way around the city, burning off some the night’s excesses as you go!

We’re not done with things to see and do either, and Vajdahunyad Castle is a great place to check out, based on a Transylvanian fortress, or perhaps St Stephen’s Cathedral. The House of Terror is a different kind of museum to explore, based on Nazi and communist history, or perhaps the National Gallery. Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest in the world, and a great day out for the family, or perhaps Margaret Island, for a wander in tranquil surroundings.

Put simply, Budapest is one of those cities which fits the ‘something for everyone’s mould, and with the low cost of travel, cheap food and drink, and a destination which calls out to stag do fun, it shows no signs of disappearing from the tourism hot-list.

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